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Is Your Fish Sick???

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Well, this is blog is to help you find easy remedies to the most commonly found problems of your fishes. Mind it that this isn't a final solution and there may be instances you may not find the symptoms exactly matching to the ones mentioned in this article.

Is Your Fish Hungry ???

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This blog is an attempt to help aquarium keepers to understand what,when and how to feed their fishes is when they are hungry so that they don`t eat their co-living brothers and sisters in the Aquarium.

Cichlid Aquarium Keeping

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There may be a thousand blogs on Cichlids floating in the cyber space however I still wanted to write this coz i didnt find any as a holistic and specific to our requirements. I see the trend among the aquarium keepers in India is changing from Gold, Guppy and Mollies to Cichlids.

Little Help To Start An Aquarium Keeping Hobby

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This article is about setting up a domestic aquarium at home and this is purely a guideline and not a rule book.

Know Your Fish !!!

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I must start this blog with thanking all of you who read my previous blogs and encouraged me with your feedback and comments. Thank your readers. Though i may not have replied to your queries but i am trying to spend more time on here to make sure i reply at the earliest.