Aquarium Cleaning

Fishaway offers the cleaning services to residential and commercial aquariums at the affordable cost. We undertake appointments to clean your aquariums at your comfortable timing with our expertise. Our cleaning service includes complete water change and cleaning of filter along with interiors such as pebbles, rocks, plastic plants and toys etc. We also service your aquarium motor or filter at an additional cost.

Our service cost:

Aquarium Size     Cost

Less Than 2Ft             400

2Ft Aquarium              450

2.5Ft Aquarium           500

3Ft Aquarium              550

3.5Ft Aquarium           600

4Ft Aquarium              700

5Ft Aquarium              800

6Ft Aquarium              900

7Ft Aquarium             1100

  1. Services are available from 7am to 9pm on all days.
  2. External filters such as canisters are cleaned at an additional cost of Rs.100.
  3. Any replacements, repairs, medication of fishes and water treatment can be done at an additional cost.
  4. We use our own cleaning equipments.