Aqua Medic

We operate this special service to attend your fishes when they are to be treated for any bacterial or fungal infections. Your fish can be treated at your home aquarium and alternatively we can shift to our hospital tank and treat for the diseases. This exclusive service provided with in Bangalore city with pick up at your door step. We understand your love for your pet and provide extensive attention to bring back the smile on your face.

We also provide medicines for specific diseases for all kind of fishes which can be applied at your aquarium. With the right diagnosis, you can choose the medicine and call for a delivery. General water treatment compounds are also available on our Online Aqua Store to keep the water clean and non-infectious to prevent your fishes from sickness.

For your knowledge you can refer to the link Is Your Fish Sick on the home page. However in emergencies, you can reach our service on +91 8861992929 for immediate attention.