Aquarium Set Up

Setting up an aquarium is an art done with greatest care by the professionals in order to bring the customers desires comes true and at the same time ensures the comfort and health of the fishes. We consider your passion for aquarium keeping and understand your love for the fishes and bring out elegant designs and interiors for your aquariums. Every aquarium designed by us and set by us will carry the extra care we have for the fishes as well as keeping the cleanliness of the water in mind.

Clean aquarium brings up healthier fishes and beautiful presentation to the viewers. While we set up the aquariums we keep in mind that you don’t go through the difficulty of changing the water too often and yet your aquarium looks crystal clear. Our selection of aquarium filters, lighting and interiors are done with care to ensure healthy environment for the fishes and easy maintenance for the aquarium keepers.

We are specialised in setting up exclusive Cichlid Aquariums, Gold fish Aquariums, Feng Shui Aquariums for Flowerhorns and Arowanas, Turtle Aquariums and Marine Aquariums.

Our services are end to end from providing the readymade or custom made aquarium tanks to setting up the interiors and supplying fishes as well as accessories.

Check out the categories:

  1. Tropical fresh water aquarium set-up
  2. Marine aquarium set-up
  3. Planted Aquarium set-up