About Us

Your thirst for your aquarium needs ends here at our Virtual Live Aqua Store !!!

FishAway, A unit of ViA Enterprises was formally established in the year of 2011 making its presence in retail sales of Tropical and Marine fishes and aquariums, accessories and related services. Based out of Bangalore, with the first sales outlet unit went live at Gopalan Signature Mall, in SPAR Hypermarket on July, 30th, 2012.

Our Moto is to present a widest collection of fish varieties to our esteemed customers along with equipments required for every specific purpose of aquarium keepers through professionally managed online services. Establishing the largest virtual live aqua store is our goal to satisfy our customer`s needs at the best available cost. We deal with the in-house bred fishes along with the imported ones and a large range of accessories that caters to the end to end need of aquarium lovers.

We love your Pets as much as you do so as to why we do take care of them by extending our services into cleaning and maintaining of your aquariums.

Our exclusive Aqua caretaking services will help you when you want to travel away peacefully during your vacations. We provide pick up, care taking and drop for your fishes at your door step.

We also provide medical attention to your fishes with care at our hospital tanks when they are to be isolated and treated for specific diseases.

While dealing with every fish of yours and ours, we remember and believe in what Hippocrates said, “The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different”.